Serenity Fibreglass Pool

The Serenity fibreglass pool is ideal for family fun or the fitness conscious.

The Serenity features a modern design. It offers dual benches great for relaxing or can be used as a lap pool. This swimming pool comes in a variety of sizes, colours and buying options to meet your needs and budget.

The Serenity is ideal for those lazy days of summer when the only thing you feel like doing is soaking in a pool, all day long.

It comes in four different sizes to cater for all families. The 6.5m and 7.5m lengths are 3.8m wide, while the 8.5m and 9.5m lengths are 4.2m wide.

This swimming pool range is roomy enough for friends to join you, yet is long enough to allow you to swim a few lengths if you are hit with a sudden burst of energy. Although, we would not blame you if all you felt like doing was relaxing, as this is what Serenity fibreglass pools are designed for.

The pool design features two benches along one side of the pool and steps in the corner of the shallow end. So, whether you want to chill out and enjoy some relaxation or keep fit, the Serenity range of fibreglass pools can cater for your every need.

From family fun to the fitness conscious, install a Serenity fibreglass pool in your home and look forward to endless days of relaxation and happiness.

Serenity Fibreglass Pool

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